A Kill and Build is not so much of a trick but rather a popular exercise to build strength and Swing technique. You swing on the bar until it slows and (almost) stops, either by hanging, or by waiting in a 'rest' position like Sitting on the Bar or a Knee Hang. Then you try to build your swing back up again as high as you can. You can then dismount to the net, or get back up onto the platform.

Watching a good Kill and Build is a good demonstration of the physics behind how to build height in a flying trapeze swing: "Short on the way up, long on the way down". You'll see in the videos below how, when the swing is very low, flyers make similar movements to a normal swing, but exagerrated so that they get early into the seven at the backend (and hold it) and then early into the force-out (and hold it). This brings the body up close to the bar (short on the way up) as early as possible and so gives the maximum benefit to gain height. 




Thanks to Renato, Blair and @flyinghaggertys for providing videos for this page.

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