Other Names: Flying Carpet

This trick is a Top Catcher Bridge, where the flyer is held stationery between two top catchers (one above the fly bar and one above the swinging catcher).

The flyer swings out and does a Drive Climb (which is usually to an Ankles catch, but in this case to a Catch in Knee Hang on the Static Cradle catcher holding a stick). The flyer then swings with the top catcher and catches wrists with the other top catcher. They remain suspended in a bridge (while, for example, another flyer does a catch and return below).

They can then release their legs and hands at the same time and drop straight down to catch the swinging catcher.


Related Tricks

This trick is a variation of the following trick:

Thanks to Fanfan and the team at La Compagnie Zali for providing this video.

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