Trick ID: 003
Also known as: Two-Position Stork, Splurdy (Split-Birdie)

Similar to a Bird's Nest, but with one leg free, achieved in two positions.

#Bird’s Nest #Wrists Catch #Two Position Tricks


This is an unusual trick, based on the Bird's Nest.

Swing out with your hands slightly further apart than usual. At the frontend, bring your legs up in front and place the top of one foot (shoe laces) on the bar, next to the hand on the same side. Pass the other leg through your hands and straighten it under the bar. Keep your butt in between your arms so you are balanced. At the back end, push your butt forward so that it passes between your hands and push your head back so your back arches. The final position is very similar to a Bird's Nest, but with one leg free (which makes it harder and less stable). Let go at the peak at the frontend and make the catch.

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Notes: Video shows a Backend Stork

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#Bird’s Nest #Wrists Catch #Two Position Tricks
Thanks to Susan and Kristin for providing a video for this trick.