This rare arrangement is used when the flyer is performing a trick that involves them passing forwards between the fly cables AND making a half turn (before or after). The lines are passed between the fly cables and are then wrapped around the flyer so that they unwrap during the trick and do not tangle.

ATTACHING: As you face forwards on the platform, hold the safety lines behind the fly bar and pass them towards you over the bar and between the fly cables. Then connect them to your belt as per Half Turn Lines (face backwards, attach the lines, then turn forwards). Make sure that, when you hold the bar, your arms are in between the lines.

TRICK EXAMPLES: Reverse Pullover followed by a Kip Half Turn

TIP: This can be a tricky arrangement, with the lines in your face as you swing under the bar. They also get in the way as you do the Uprise part of the trick. You can experiment by attaching both lines to a single point on the belt located in the middle of the back (if your belt allows this).


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