This trick can only be performed on a bar to bar rig. The flyers are in a Piggy Back position (Flyer A is hanging under the bar, and Flyer B is holding onto the bar, behind Flyer A with their legs around their waist) but swinging facing the platform (so opposite to a Piggy Back Catch). They swing to the platform and back to the middle. Flyer B makes a half turn (often pushing off of Flyer A) and turns to catch the other bar.

There are two ways to get into the Piggy Back position, facing the platform:

The first is shown in the video below. Both flyers swing out from the platform side-by-side. At the frontend they both turn around on the bar with Flyer B getting behind Flyer A as they regrip, and then wrapping their legs around Flyer A's waist.

The second involves a passage from one bar to the other. Flyer A swings out and performs a Straight Jump to catch the other bar. Flyer B swings out and performs another Straight Jump, arriving as Flyer A returns to the middle. Flyer B holds onto the bar and wraps their legs around Flyer A's waist. (We don't have a video of this method yet, please share if you have one).


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Thanks to Alain, Celine, Rowan, Simon and the team at All Bars Flying Trapeze for inventing this trick.

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