The first flyer stands on the platform with one hand on the bar while the second climbs onto his back, wrapping his legs around his waist and his arms around his neck. They swing out together and at the front end (catch is half-time), the first flyer straddles his legs and brings them up in front of him. The second lets go of his hands and swings his body backwards (like a hocks off), holding on with his legs until he makes the catch.

The second flyer can wear safety lines for this trick (Regular Lines), but the first must fly without lines.

In order to make the return, the first flyer must turn around on the bar and move over to one side so the second can come back to the fly bar and swing side by side with them. There are other variations of this trick, which include the first flyer doing a Pullover over the bar after releasing the second flyer. They then shoot over the bar to the catcher as the second flyer makes an Angel Return (see Passing Leap page).


Related Tricks

The following tricks are variations of the Piggy Back:

Thanks to Hull, Crystal, Ian and Bruno for providing videos for this page

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