Other Names: Korean Set (?)

A Russian Set is more of a technique to perform breaking tricks like Layouts or Doubles than a trick in its own right.

In a normal breaking trick the flyer holds a set position at the platform, breaking at the poles. For a Russian set, as the flyer reaches the peak at the backend, they drive their legs behind them above the platform (so they are stretched out above it), and immediately pull their legs back into the set position again (so they don't hit it) as they swing down. Pulling their legs forwards in this way means they arrive in the set position just before they pass the poles, so they immediately break again for the somersault (which then proceeds as per normal). The whole 'set-break' phase therefore becomes a fluid set of leg movements (and is really not a fixed 'set' at all).

A Russian Set avoids needing to hold the body in a set position, using the swing to build up momentum. The risk of hitting the platform (and other considerations like walls behind the platform on indoor rigs) add to the difficulty. Some troupes (for example Les Arts Sauts) have experimented with removing the platform when catching this trick.


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You can find out more about this trick in my books:


Thanks to Adam and Alistair for providing videos for this page.

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