This trick can be done in two ways - climbing up to the catcher, and climbing up to grab the Static Cradle directly (for example when the catcher needs to climb up to start their catching session):

With a catcher: Turn around and get up to standing on the bar (facing the platform). At the frontend, let go of the fly cables and catch the cradle catcher (who will be in front of you). As you swing down with them you will need to pick up your feet so that they don't hit the fly bar as it swings back. The catcher will probably be very close for this trick and so the catch often happens with bent arms. This combined with the bent legs required after the catch to prevent hitting the fly bar doesn't make it a very beautiful trick.

To catch the cradle: Start the same way, but jump inwards off the trapeze bar at the peak and catch the cradle directly. You will not have to bend your arms or legs to achieve this.


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You can find out more about this trick in my books:


Thanks Dave, and the team at Circus Arts Australia for providing a video for this page.

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