In case you are not familiar, Club Med is an upmarket chain of all-inclusive resorts in idyllic locations all around the world (not just the Mediterranean). They are known for their beautiful resorts and fantastic all-inclusive food and sports activities.

In the 1980s, Club Med approached Bob Christians about installing a flying trapeze in one of their resorts so that their staff could entertain the guests. He suggested that, rather than it being a show, Club Med should offer trapeze as an activity that the guests themselves could learn and perform. Today, their circus programme is one of their most popular activities and is still growing. This success is arguably one of the key factors that led to the popularity of flying trapeze as a recreational activity today.

Club Med is a great place to get started with flying trapeze and a huge number of recreational (and professional) flyers from around the world have started this way. Trapeze will be just one of many activities, so you will be able to choose how much you do. They usually operate a 'first-come-first-served' system, so during busy periods you might end up waiting a long time for a turn. They mostly cater for all levels of experience, although it is typically not the best environment for very focused training.

If you want to work as a flying trapeze instructor in a fun and international environment, then being a 'GO' (Club Med's word for their staff) is a fantastic experience. It should be noted however, that you will be expected to work almost all your waking hours, participating in activities around the resort and interacting with guests in addition to teaching flying trapeze. It is an amazing experience that is incredibly rewarding (and a great way to do a lot of trapeze). But see it as a way of life and not a 9-5 job. If you are interested, search for Club Med jobs on Google and note that you will most likely be required to speak some level of French for many resorts.

Below is a list of Club Med resorts offering flying trapeze.

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