Rig Dimensions

A downloadable info sheet with example dimensions of four different types of flying trapeze rig.

This infosheet contains example dimensions for the four most common types of flying trapeze rig found in recreational schools around the world: Full-sized and Petit Volant (or ‘Casting’), each with bar-to-catcher and bar-to-bar versions.

Given the large variation in equipment, no two rigs are identical and so one set of dimensions can only serve as an example. However, there are always a set of ‘critical’ dimensions for any rig that need to stay in roughly the same relationship for the activity to work and for catches to be possible (for example the length of the swing, the distance from fly bar to catch bar, and the position of the platform).

Other dimensions (which we describe as ‘non-critical’) can be flexed without impacting the functioning of the equipment (for example, the height and width of the free-standing frames etc.)

Some disclaimers:

  • This information is provided as an example with no guarantee of accuracy.
  • Dimensions of the different rigs have been provided by different sources, so may not match.
  • Don’t use these dimensions as the sole source of information when building a rig.
  • Do not try to build your own rig – find an expert in your area who can advise you and ensure the correct safety standards are being followed etc. You can find a full list of global suppliers on our website.

If you find this sheet useful, I'd appreciate you dropping me a note so I can understand how it is being used. Of course, feedback is also welcome.

Download Dimensions
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