A list of the some of the sources of inspiration for this study.

The weblinks that accompanied this project when it was first created are now out of date so have been removed. Where possible the authors are credited for their work.

Mechanics 2 (Hebbon, Littlewood)

The Physics of Everyday Stuff - Swings (Sam Hokin)

Flying High - A closer look at the physics of the flying trapeze (Brooke Rawlins Johnson)

Bob Christians
Bob started flying trapeze as a sport in Club Med. Although he has since passed away, at the time of writing he travelled the world maintaining their equipment. He was an extremely accomplished trapeze artist, and was involved with the trapeze for over forty years.

Lili and Steven Gaudreau
Lili and Steven run Trapeze Arts. They have two schools in California and sell trapeze equipment. They were very helpful in giving me all the measurements for my calculations.

Lynn and Coach
Lynn and Coach are trapeze enthusiasts I met in Club Med Sandpiper. They were particularly helpful as they are themselves PE teachers, and so were familiar with the concepts of the trapeze. They were able to suggest a few ideas to research.

Scientific American March 1980 - The physics of somersaulting

Journal of Sports Sciences 1993 - The biomechanics of twisting somersaults. Parts I to III

Dynamics of Simple Harmonic Motion

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