The following is a selection of companies supplying circus equipment that have been recommended to us.

When you're buying circus equipment (and particularly a complete rig) you'll almost certainly want to take some advice or get a recommendation before choosing a supplier. We suggest you start by contacting your local flying trapeze school for advice. The list below is provided to help narrow your search.

Be aware that the safety standards vary from region to region (e.g. EU vs US). Make sure you seek advice before purchasing something that might not meet the standards where you live.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like some help (particularly about purchasing full sized rigs in Europe). Note that we cannot offer technical advice.

USA & Canada

Bobby's Big Top

Bobby provides complete full sized trapeze rigs to clients worldwide and has an impressive client list on his website, including the Superclubs Resorts.

Trapeze Arts

This company in San Francisco also manufactures circus equipment including full sized trapeze rigs. They are the American supplier for Club Med.

Pathfinder Rigging

This company creates bespoke rigs and rigging, including static rigs, various bars (static and flying), as well as custom installations and fabrication of aerial points. Among other projects, they are responsible for a large part of the equipment operated by Trapeze School New York. They have no web site, so you''ll need to email the owner, Arlie Hart.

Email Arlie Hart


This company manufactures flying trapeze equipment, performs rigging inspections, and designs and installs custom rigging systems and structures. Contact them via their Facebook page.

Circus Concepts

Equipment manufacturer based in Quebec. Designs and produces equipment to order.

Trapeze Experience

Company run by Peter Gold offering construction of full sized flying trapeze rigs.

Créations Fil Lion

This supplier in Canada offers bespoke acrobatic equipment and safety nets.

Zero Shock

This company makes innovative airbags to replace flying trapeze nets.


CATS Engineering

This company provides high quality bespoke flying trapeze rigs and other circus equipment (as well as a variety of rigging services). They are one of the suppliers to Club Med.

Compagnie Crazy R

This company, based in Bordeaux, France, constructs flying rigs in a variety of designs as well as other circus equipment.

Circus Marcel - Joppe Wouters

Joppe Wouters is an experienced circus instructor and performer and runs a circus company in Belgium. He designs and manufactures flying trapeze rigs and has created a number of Petit Volant and Bar-to-Bar rigs for companies in Northern Europe.

Les Lendemains

This company specialises in the design and creation of bespoke circus structures and aerial equipment, including flying trapeze rigs.


This company offer bespoke equipment including full sized flying trapeze rigs. Their website is very simple, so you should contact them directly to enquire about specific items. Based in Paris, France.

Gorilla Circus

This company makes bespoke rigs and flying trapeze equipment on request.

Kersaudy & le Meur (KLM)

This supplier makes flying trapeze nets.


This is an excellent company offering a huge range of circus equipment (although no flying trapeze rigs). They have a good catalogue and will ship worldwide. A lot of the circus schools in Europe use this brand.


This company has a good range of juggling and aerial equipment for order from the UK.


Mid-Air Circus Arts (MACA)

MACA is the current supplier of flying trapeze and circus equipment to Club Med in the Asia zone. They provide full size rigs as well as a wide range of other equipment.

South & Central America

Art Circus

This company is based in São Paolo and builds full sized rigs.

RISE Trapezio

This company is based in Brazil and offers full-sized rigs and other structures as well as trapezes and safety equipment.

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