Book Covers

The book covers have been designed by the author and represent the many different locations around the world where flying trapeze schools are located:

The cover of The Fundamentals of Flying Trapeze represents the many trapeze schools in Club Med resorts and other tropical locations around the world such as Club Med La Caravelle.
The cover of Flying Trapeze Logbook represents the schools in cities across the USA and around the world, such as Trapeze School New York, and L'Atelier du Trapeze in Brussels.
The cover of Discovering Flying Trapeze represents the schools in the temperate climate of Europe and North America, such as Les Siamangs in France or Fly Art in Madrid.
The header of this website represents the many flying trapeze rigs in Summer Camps across the USA, such as French Woods and Long Lake Camp.
Discovering Flying Trapeze is a step-by-step guide will accompany you through a series of skill progressions and over 50 tricks.
The Fundamentals of Flying Trapeze is a reference book illustrating the fundamental principles, techniques and equipment of Flying Trapeze.
Flying Trapeze Logbook allows you to record your experiences, achievements, coaching tips and catch timings in a simple structured format.