About the author

Alastair Pilgrim discovered flying trapeze while on vacation in Club Med Sandpiper as a teenager. He wasn't initially very talented at it, but after a week of determined effort he made his first Knee Hang catch and became addicted.

As soon as he was old enough, he became a Circus GO (instructor) for Club Med and has since travelled the world teaching trapeze, additionally working for Envol in Paris, Circomedia in Bristol, L'Atelier du Trapeze in Brussels and most recently as part of his own flying company, Red Hands.

He currently lives in Belgium.

Discovering Flying Trapeze also includes contributions from Tim Cayrol. Tim also started flying at Club Med as a child where his first collaboration with Alastair was a hastily-prepared juggling performance during a vacation to Turkey. Tim graduated top of his class in Physiotherapy at Haute Ecole Paul Henri Spaak in Brussels and completed a masters in Advanced Physiotherapy at Kings College in London. He now specialises in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy for performing artists and teaches trapeze in schools in France, Belgium and the UK.

Discovering Flying Trapeze is a step-by-step guide will accompany you through a series of skill progressions and over 50 tricks.
The Fundamentals of Flying Trapeze is a reference book illustrating the fundamental principles, techniques and equipment of Flying Trapeze.
Flying Trapeze Logbook allows you to record your experiences, achievements, coaching tips and catch timings in a simple structured format.